New Here? Read This.

This blog began way back in December of 2010 as a way to communicate with supporters while I raised money for a mission trip. It has since seen many theme changes, been the faithful means in which I have documented various jaunts around the country and S.E. Asia, and keeps chugging along with me as I hammer computer keys to try and express my thoughts and emotions. As such, you (The Reader) will find posts from all different locations, maturity levels, and seasons of my life. So, Reader, enjoy it. I’m sure if you read more than one entry you will find something embarrassing that I maybe should consider removing for the sake of any job I might apply for in the future. Let me know if you find something particularly juicy, yeah?

All the years, all the miles, all the tens of readers, all the times I’ve been wayward with my devotion, and this blog has never quit on me.

Job well done, Blog. Job well done.


I like your words.

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