Cultivating Peace

Jesus, Man of Peace

When I’m anxious, I turn to the red letters. The red letters aren’t better or more important than the black letters, but there’s something about reading the words that the man himself spoke that breathes a special peace into my soul.

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, I bet that he had a lot of opportunity to be anxious, whether it would be about how he was going to feed his ragtag gang of twelve, or where they would all stay when they headed to the next city. Yet, with all the what-ifs revolving around food, and money, and shelter, and possibilities of being stoned, or beaten, or thrown in jail, Jesus was able to remain focused on his job as the savior of the world, and he was able to remain in a state of constant peace.

The man had a lot going on at any one time; you and I have a lot going on at any one time. The opportunities for us to be anxious and stressed abound in this day of constant connection, with multiple ways in which we can be the recipient of a barrage of communication (hello – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email, Instagram, text message, phone calls, voicemails, Planning Center, Slack, etc., etc., etc.). We have full time jobs as accountants and real estate agents, caseworkers and teachers, moms and dads, not to mention that we are all ministers of the Gospel.

How do we, as followers of Christ, remain in that same constant state of peace? If Jesus did it, being fully human, wouldn’t that lead us to believe that we can also be at rest in that peace?

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