So things got a little busy.

In my last post, I talked on and on and on about how I wanted to know all about mentorship and what the heck it means and what it looks like. I even went so far as to pose a million questions regarding mentorship and was so bold as to say “I’M GOING TO DO HARDCORE RESEARCH AND TELL YOU STUFF ABOUT IT!”

That, my friends, was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever written (on this blog).

Because, of course, when I actually get serious about something and want to learn and research and be serious about my blog writing, my life would get hectic. Not even so much was it my life that was crazy, it was more like other peoples’ lives got crazy and I kind of helped to smooth out things and make the crazy less crazy. Does that make sense?

Anyway — over the last couple of months I have spent an incredibly obnoxious amount of time at my home church doing things. Like painting, and scrubbing the floor, and vacuuming up dust, and painting some more, and caulking things, and spackling holes in walls, and wet sanding steel, and also manning the front desk in the office, and you know – the usual things that I’ve always had experience doing. [sarcasm, you guys.]

So, I’m kind of writing to apologize for never updating and doing research and keeping you all in the loop, but at the same time I’m kind of whatever about that post/series-that-didn’t-happen because I learned way more about mentoring by working at the church for 600 hours than I ever would have by reading books and blogs and talking to folks about it as if it was just a concept to be grasped.

What I guess I’m really trying to say is “you’re welcome” for not boring you with facts and figures. Truly. You’re welcome. You can donate monetary “thank you’s” directly into my bank account.

What I did learn about mentoring is this:

  • sometimes it just happens and it’s unofficial and organic and that’s the coolest thing ever
  • sometimes there is no label on it, but it happens spur of the moment in little tid-bits here and there and you take it with a grain of salt and let it pepper your life in the ways that people shell it out to you
  • sometimes you become a mentor in the process, even if it is just for like a minute or two
  • because really, everyone has mentoring moments when they can pour some wisdom and love and knowledge into the people around them
  • and there doesn’t have to be a specific age thing that goes on — I’ve had younger women share things with me that make me go “dang.” I’ve also had older women tell me things that make me go “dang.”
  • and that’s that
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