I want to live with ‘wider eyes’

When I first started this blog, I named it “Cambodia Bound.”  Today, I’ve decided to change it to reflect more of who I am and what I’m striving for.  The name “Wider Eyes” and the tagline are both from a song called “Perimeter of Me” by the group Dividing The Plunder (now called Ellery).  I was introduced to their music by a friend, and I couldn’t be more thankful for such a gift.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor by clicking that link and listen to the song.  Lyrics below:

Your wind is mighty – it bends the backs of trees
Moves among the fields along these Pennsylvania streets
We’ve come to know as highways – they can take us anywhere
But all we know is where we’re going
And how fast we’re getting there

Well, the world outside my window is shaming me again
With the things I haven’t seen cause I’ve been writing about them
The sky’s a waiting witness to the truth I would possess
But I’ve forgotten all its mystery in my quest for second best

And I want to live with wider eyes,
There’s far too much to see
To think of nothing else
But where I’ve been and where I’ll be
I’ve been longing for the freedom
That is waiting silently
In the life that’s just beyond the small
Perimeter of me

Your rain is mighty, it weathers mountainsides
It raises the Ohio ’til it looks a mile wide
And I think that I have crossed it on this bridge a thousand times
And haven’t even seen Your river from the corner of my eyes

Well, I’m frightened by how easy it can be to live so long
Going from one thing to the next thing,
To the next ’til months have gone
And you realize you have really not done anything at all –
At night you fall asleep believing
You’ve just climbed so you could fall…


And I don’t believe that who I am
Is something I can find
It’s whatever I create
With what I do with all my time
It’s who I choose to love
With all my heart and strength and mind –
And whether I believe that what I have
Is really mine…




One thought on “I want to live with ‘wider eyes’

I like your words.

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