Pray for Cambodia

The other night there was a woman walking naked in the street.  Lily and I went back to find her after we gathered some clothes, a poncho, and some granola bars.  When we found her, we started talking to her in Khmer.  Saying we had clothes to give to her.

She had this look of fear in her eyes and she ran away from us.

It killed me.  How do you help someone who is afraid of you?  What would Jesus have done?  Does he chase after her on foot, still extending an armful of clothes to her?  Does he go back home after shrugging his shoulders and say “well, we tried”?

I don’t know.

There were three kids at the temples who tried to sell us stuff as we ate lunch.  Two were 8 or 9 years old.  One was 12 or so.  Mentally disabled.  Mute.  The two younger ones told us how they cannot go home until their product is sold;  that they cannot eat until they go home.

We gave them food.  Encouraged them to eat.  The mute boy ate, smiled, laughed at so much rice.

Their boss rode up on a bike and waited nearby.  We bought some stuff, he rode away.  One of our girls who worked in Thailand selling flowers looked at me and said, “I don’t want to leave.”

“Neither do I.”

But we had to leave.  What can we do?  What would Jesus have done?  Stayed there all day protecting them?  Bought all their product so they could go home?  Confronted the man on the bike?  Shrugged his shoulders, said “well, we did what we could,” and then get back in the truck?


What do you do when you see such poverty all around?  What can be done?

I don’t know.


I’ve started keeping spare clothes in my moto seat in case I see anyone naked or cold again.  Some granola bars too.

But it all feels so… inadequate.

Why can’t I do more?  What can’t we just take home all the homeless babies who’s mommies and daddies beat them, work them, sell them?  Why can’t I just scoop them up in my arms and wipe their dirty faces with my clean shirt, speak loving words in their ears that they would understand?


It’s so much.  It’s all so much.


What hope is there for this nation other than a cultural, spiritual upheaval?  An upheaval so big, so effective that it could only be from the Church.  From Jesus himself.

Pray for him to have his way here.  Pray for him to send his spirit to flood this nation.  Pray for Christ to come back.

Just pray for Cambodia.


6 thoughts on “Pray for Cambodia

  1. Sweet Megan, your heart is HUGE! He designed you this way. Keep on doing what you are doing. What would He do? He put the Holy Spirit in you to move and act as you do. You carry clothing and granola bars, your heart is open to hear God speaking to you…..that is the key.

    Will you be surrounded by sadness, desperation and that feeling of, why, it’s futile? Yup! So was He. Megan, I see Jesus in you, for real! Old saying, Keep on keeping on, girl! You are stronger than you know

    I love reading your blog….you inspire me to pray more and especially Listen more, thanks for that

  2. Oh Megan, How I wish I had adequate words to encourage you or even better that we could right the wrongs. But until He returns I will trust that He sees them too and that His presence will usher in and eternal justice and healing.

  3. After visiting I can relate on a smaller level of what you see daily. Some of the same children I’m sure also pushed for us to buy their products leaving the temples. It was overwhelming and made me angry know that parents were sending their kids out to sell stuff for them knowing that most likely the kids were getting nothing. I have many of the same questions as you. All I know to do is pray. I’m praying for you and the people there. Know that although you can not physically save every person you are still affective being there. You are making an impact! I’m thinking of you and praying daily for God to lead you in wisdom of how to help His people there and to comfort your heart and spirit as you live there. Love ya girl!!! So grateful I was able to run into, even for just a couple minutes!

  4. Dearest Megan,
    You are doing the Lord’s work and WWJD,even with granola bars. You have a heart and spirit for giving and sharing in his name. You are using your gifts, and are truly inspiring. The sadness must be overwhelming, my heart and prayers go out to you and Cambodia. Thank you for sharing. Jean

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