Difficult Things

Sometimes when people email me or message me on Facebook, or even the people here in Cambodia, ask me about what I miss most or what is the most difficult thing, I have a really hard time deciding.

There are a lot of things I miss from home.

Like my mom and dad.  I miss them.  I miss my mom playing with my hair.  I miss hugging my dad and feeling his strong arms wrap around me.

I miss my dog.  He’s just so dang cute, and when I last Skyped home he heard my voice and his tail started wagging and he was so happy.  It made me so happy.  My dog remembers me.  That’s awesome.

I miss my friends a lot, too.


The most difficult thing, right now, three weeks in to living here, is that when something happens in the middle of the day I can’t just text a friend and share with them my excitement or shock or joy or sorrow.  This eleven-twelve hour time difference is kind of a hassle when I want to talk to people back home.  I’ve got to strategically plan my talking moments around the mornings or evenings of the people back home.  I don’t really mind that part, but it just stinks not being able to pick up my phone and text Jaklyn.  (Oh.  I miss Jaklyn, too.)


So, friends who read this blog, the most difficult thing is limited communication.  I’ve never had to schedule talking time other than a coffee date or lunch date.



Please note: life isn’t really that hard without constant communication.  If anything, it’s been a blessing.  The time I’ve spent disconnected from my cell phone and computer has given me an abundance of time to be silent and listen to God.  That sounds silly maybe, but it’s true.  I’ve learned to be quieter, read my Bible more, and wait for the Lord.  I’m happy with that.  Truly.  (:


2 thoughts on “Difficult Things

  1. Hi Megan, you are finding out how truly unnecessary the constant phone/text/facebook etc are! The amazing thing, we survive without, maybe even thrive because we are back to real contact. The things you miss, Cathy playing with your hair, Will’s big hugs, your dog. You astound me with how intuitive you are as ‘youngin’! I am thankful to God for who you are. P.S. to Katy, you will love Megan

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