To My Sister on Her 27th Birthday


Today marks the day that you made your grand entrance into the world. You burst forth with all the power of an infant and made your presence known with a scream.

Today marks the day of new life beginning, complete with all the potential in the world.

Today is your day. What will you do with it?

Our days are numbered here on this earth, you know. Each one seemingly shorter than the last, and sometimes dragging out as if the day will never end, but nonetheless they are numbered.

I don’t know your number. I pray that your days here on this earth are long and fruitful and full of joy. Two of these things, you control.

So what will you do with your numbered days, Sister? How are you going to ensure that when you look back on your life you can say, “ah, yes, those are days of goodness and times of joy”? I want you to look back on your days and smile fondly at your memories.

Today is your day. What will you do with it?

My prayer for you today is an echo of my prayer for you on this day last year. I pray you enjoy the sun while it shines, that you feel it on your skin and know the warmth it gives has given you life for 27 years. I pray you feel the sand between your toes and remember how your years in Florida have helped shape you and mold you. I pray you visit with sweet smiling friends who know your value and can repeat it back to you when you forget. I pray you remember to call home and thank Mom for carrying you in her body and in her mind and in her heart for all this time. I pray you thank Dad for his guidance, his love, his steady hand and how he raised you to be respectful, kind, generous, timely. I pray you call the littlest sister and impart some wisdom on her, like “just do what Mom and Dad say and everything will be fine.” Or something like that.

I pray you read these words and know that, though I am ten thousand miles away, today my heart yearns to be near you, to celebrate with you and to celebrate your life. I pray these words find you well, healthy and happy and excited for this day of yours.

I pray you would know that I thank God for you, for creating you and for taking such time and care in making you just the way you are. All your freckles and the hair on your head, all the quirks and characteristics and what you think may be “flaws” that make you you… He took the time to create them all, he took the time to knit you all together in the womb, making you exactly the way he wanted you to be. Beautiful and strong, independent and clever, talented and intelligent. He made you, created you, formed you.

The Master Craftsman handcrafted you with all the love and tenderness that He is.

I pray that today, when you wake up, you would feel His love. I mean, really feel it, radiating down from the heavens. But more importantly, I pray you hear it as it is whispered to the corners of your heart. I pray you believe it.

Because He made you and wants you and desires you. Because He loves you and cherishes you and calls you Beloved.

He made this day. He numbered it 9,863.

Happy birthday. I love you.


2 thoughts on “To My Sister on Her 27th Birthday

  1. Awwwwww, Megan what an awesome gift ‘Jules” will get when she wakes up and reads your letter. I have visuals of you over there, stranger in a strange land sort of thing…of course your BEST friend is at your side, over head, all around…all ways & ALWAYS!

  2. Megan, what a lovely way to say “Happy Birthday” to Juli. You my dear daughter are a perfect sister and a perfect daughter and granddaughter. Jill is right to say that He is always around you. Do not miss the fact that you share similar traits with your sisters of strength, compassion, fearlessness, conviction ( or being headstrong and stubborn when believing in something) and courageous. You, one of dearest three, have many gifts. One of those is your gift of writing from the heart. All that love and know you are blessed by that gift! Today was Juli’s turn to be blessed by your “gift from the heart.” Continue to bless us, please. Hey, even though it is Juli’s birthday, sshhhh, don’t tell her, but you are my fav middle child!
    I love you. Mom

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