Two Weeks in Cambodia

So far I have learned that…


… family can be anywhere you want them to be

… friends can be anyone you come in contact with

… time difference doesn’t make a difference

… four thousand riel is roughly a dollar

… the ATM gives you hundreds, so if you want smaller bills you have to trick it

… kids, while stressful at times, are also really good for keeping the heart light

… 40kph is not that fast, but it sure feels like it when you’re dodging cars

… almost every good thing about this town can be found on either Street 1 or 3

… my next-door neighbors are lovely and I love them

… it’s good to always have some toilet paper on you, just in case the WC doesn’t

… lime juice is one of the best stress-relieving drinks available

… raid is necessary if one wants not be bothered by insects

… water pressure is something many people take for granted

… a person can still get cold chills in a tropical climate (at least twice a day for me)

… the music played at Gecko will take you down Memory Lane in .27 seconds (Baby Got Back, Hit Me Baby One More Time, etc.)

… language barriers are actually pretty hilarious

… feeding the soul is incredibly easy with all these new experiences

… feeding the soul is incredibly difficult with all this change

… khmertastic phones with T9 are both amusing and annoying

… it smells like garbage, pretty much everywhere, but I love it

… the stars shine brighter, the moon is fuller, and the sky is bigger here

… driving your moto up the ramp and into your apartment is dangerous and could result in near-death experiences

… frog legs are delicious

… patience is a virtue

… it’s a lot of hurry up and wait

… sweat is an accessory

… I wish I had a big enough house and hectic enough life that I could justify hiring a maid/cook

… stocking my pantry/fridge requires effort and trip to the market, both of which I lack the desire/energy for

… two hour lunch breaks are hard to fill up with productivity

… I like feeling productive


This concludes the list of things I’ve learned in my two weeks of living in Cambodia.  Stay tuned for more.


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks in Cambodia

  1. Carrying TP is something I learned a long time ago, you just never know when you’ll need it. Frog legs? You are expanding your horizons, that’s great…………used to eat them as a kid!

I like your words.

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