Day 1.

How do I tell you all about what has happened in the last 72 hours?


I’m going to give you bullet points, because I just don’t have words, really.


  • Checking in to my flight from OIA, Selma helped me and was so sweet when things started to unravel.  She started my journey off on the right foot.
  • Flight to LAX, met a nice man who happened to have graduated from a Christian college also.  I felt the Spirit tugging at me to speak to him for quite a while before I actually listened and just started talking to him.  It was good, and he was the answer to some prayers said earlier by myself and a few friends.  The prayer was that I would sit next to someone encouraging on the flight, and sure enough, I did.
  • Flight to Taipei, offered my seat to another girl so that a group of three could sit together.  This was really a win-win because then I got an aisle seat and the other girl was bumped up to business class.
  • Flight to Phnom Penh, met a nice woman who was funny and encouraging.  She hugged me after I held her hand during landing because she was so nervous.  I was blessed by her, even though I never caught her name.
  • Got through customs without a problem, it was so nice.
  • Was picked up at the airport, taken to lunch at Friends International, and then promptly put on a van to my city.  It was a public van, $10/ticket.  I was seat #15 out of 15, so crammed in the back corner of the van.  Great.  It wasn’t that awful.  I managed to sleep for the most part.
  • Was dropped off at one of the roundabouts at the beginning of the city.  It was quite the introduction to my new life as I stood there in the dark on the side of the road with all of my luggage.  Don’t worry — I was only stranded for about five minutes and then Jen came to my rescue with Tyler and Katie.
  • Spent the night in the hotel with the team here from FCC and St. Pete.  It was a great first night of sleep.
  • Woke up, followed Jen around as she gave a tour to a group that came to Rapha.  Then we ate lunch.  Then we spent my money and furnished my apartment.  Then I avoided taking a nap and tried to organize my new home.  Then I went to dinner.  Then I hopped on a moto with three other people (Tyler, Nita, and Jen) and went back to the hotel to stay the night again.


Now, I sleep.


Goodnight, y’all.  I’ll give you more when I can think straight.  Jet lag is the worst.


One thought on “Day 1.

  1. Hi Megan. Uncle Richard here. I forwarded on info about your blog to Lina, Jason and Brian. Hope you all can keep in touch. Take care of yourself, be safe. We love you and are proud of the good work you are doing for others.

I like your words.

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