For my mother on Mother’s Day.

To my mother:


Mom.  Remember when I was just a fluttering feeling in your stomach?  I don’t, but I’m sure that when I tickled your insides you sighed happiness and smiled joy all throughout.


Do you remember when I was born, or have you blocked such a crazy morning from your brain?  I burst forth into the world at the crack of dawn and you welcomed me into your tired arms and ready heart.


Remember when I wet the bed?  Or woke up sick?  Or needed the puke bucket emptied and brought back to me?  You held me and soothed me and pushed the hair back out of my face.


There were days I would fight you for every inch;  days I would argue, spit hurtful words, and curse every attempt you made to pacify my displeasure.  Days when my temper matched the wrath of a thousand killer bees.  Days when my threats of running away sounded more like promises of a nice vacation.


But I know, oh, Mom, I know there were good days too.  Days when I curled up next to you on the couch or sidled up to you in the grocery store and held on to your hand to cross the street.  There were days when I did what you asked on the second or third time you ask instead of the umpteenth time.  There were days when I rubbed your neck, played with your hair… or better yet, the days when I let you play with my hair and rub my neck (I know those were your favorite days).


Mom, you’ve wiped my butt, cleaned up my puke, kissed my boo-boos, and held my hand.  You have carried me when I couldn’t stand on my own, helped me to my feet when I’ve stumbled, and given me a little push when I’ve been too afraid to walk.  You have run alongside me and taught me how to fly.


You have loved me with a love that only a mother could love with.

You have raised me to stand on my own two feet.

You have given me wings.  You have readied me to leave the nest.


You are my mother.  You are my favorite.  You are the only one who could have raised me like you have.  As well as you have.  With as much love as you have.


I am so glad, so thankful, and so blessed to have you as my mom.


I am so glad, so thankful, and so blessed that God chose you as mine.


One thought on “For my mother on Mother’s Day.

  1. Megan, you are sweet….nearly as sweet as dark chocolate and coconut!! What an amazing tribute to your mom. I love your Mom…

I like your words.

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