The Best Graduation. Ever.

I want to start out by saying thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has shared with me words of wisdom, who has given me words of encouragement, and who has been excited with me as I start this new chapter of my life.  Thank you to everyone who has gifted me with money towards my time in Cambodia, who has committed to partnering with me monthly, and who has told me that I am being and will be prayed over every day that I am overseas.

Thank you for continuing to give me hope and keep my spirits high.  I could not be more excited, more thrilled, or more blessed.  You have been amazing throughout this whole process of preparation, and I am confident that you will be amazing throughout my year in Cambodia.

With that said, I must share some very exciting news with you.  Last night I graduated from Florida Christian College.  The sense of accomplishment and pride I had as I walked across the stage to accept my diploma will forever be ingrained in my mind.  It was a beautiful night, filled with the beautiful and loving people that have made the last four years of my life the best four years of my life.

Graduation itself would have made the night incredible, but last night was nearly the best night of my life for a few other reasons.

Let’s back up:  Yesterday I received a text from Bradley asking me to come early to graduation so that a couple of people could pray over me before I leave for Cambodia.  I arrived to CH-3 to find Bradley, Dave (my professor), Kelsey, Jordan, and Ryan — people who traveled with me on my first trip to Cambodia.  As we sat in a circle, these friends of mine spoke kind, encouraging, truth-filled words over me.  They said they were proud of me, had a sense of ownership over me (because they had traveled with me that first time), and loved me.  There were sweeter words spoken, but those I will hold in my heart.

At the end of their speeches, I was handed a check and told to open it right there.  I had to cover my mouth to keep from saying expletives out of pure and complete joy.  The check was made out to me for $2,325.00.  Folks, up until that point, I only needed $3,000 for the remained of the year.

Let’s do some math real quick.

– 2,325

÷  12

Are we all following this right now?

So that happened.

$56.25 — that’s how much monthly I need.  I nearly cried.  After all this time, I am so close to being done!!!

But wait.

It gets better.

I checked my Facebook and saw that my Megan to Cambodia page had a new message, so I checked it thinking it was someone telling me congratulations.

You guys.  Someone committed to $50 a month.

Then I really did cry.  And screamed.  And punched the ceiling of my car.  And shouted for joy.  And cried.  And laughed.  And might have said expletives out of pure and complete and Oh-My-God-Are-You-Serious?! joy!

I’m done you guys.  I’m done.  My fundraising is complete.  My one-times cover what’s left, plus more.

It’s done.  I’m done.

I’m going to Cambodia.

Because of you.

Thank you.


Thank you for making this my best year yet, and for making it the best graduation anyone has ever seen EVER.


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