36 Days

As May 15th approaches I am experiencing a vast array of emotions.  On one hand, I am so excited to go to Cambodia, and I am so very thankful that I have this incredible opportunity to serve at Rapha House in a way that I never even dreamed I could.  On another hand, the past few days have been so bittersweet, perhaps even downright sad, as I think about how I will be without my mom and dad and sisters for an entire year.  

The bittersweetness, the sadness is all coming out right now likely because I just purchased my one-way ticket this weekend.  It was quite a big deal when I finally hit “book flight” after staring at the screen for fifteen minutes. 

It’s happening you guys.  I’m really leaving in thirty-six days.  I’m going to get on a plane at 7pm and travel for twenty nine hours and find myself in Cambodia on Friday morning. 

Even writing this right now, there is an odd mingling of sadness and complete awe.  I am excited and thrilled and nervous and anxious and sad and hopeful and just so many other things that I don’t even know the words for. 


Oh, and as a side note, something SUPER exciting is happening this upcoming Sunday! 

I will be on stage being interviewed in front of the entire congregation, both services, at my home church.  This will be really incredible, and actually a really very sweet time, because the lead pastor is the man who moved in next door to us so many years ago and invited my family to church.  If it wasn’t for Mitch Todd and how he extended love towards my family, I may not even be a Christian.  To be interviewed by Mitch, who watched me grow up, is just such an honor and a blessing. 

If you’re in the Orlando area, you really should be at River Run Christian Church on Sunday morning.  Just sayin’.  (:


I like your words.

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