*Deep breath*

Last week I spoke at the monthly women’s event, ALIVE!, at my home church.  I had a table and a sign-up sheet for my monthly newsletter, pictures from Cambodia trips scrolling on my computer, etc.  A lot of women came up and spoke with me, and I was really blessed by all of their encouragement.

And then tonight I went looking for that dang piece of paper with all those names and emails on it, and I can’t find it.

I. Can’t. Find. It.

I am so embarrassed.  Sigh.  This is what I get for having a habit of folding papers in half and putting them in my backpack (which I checked seventy eight times tonight), or my pockets (which I checked three times), or in my purse (which I checked twenty three times).  To no avail.


If you had signed up for my newsletter, or if you would like to, would you mind sending me a quick email to let me know?  My email is m.tucker213@gmail.com … I’d really appreciate it.


I’m so sorry, you guys.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


I like your words.

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