A Story About God’s Provision (And Has Nothing To Do With Cambodia)

I would like to take a moment to say a few things.  The first of which is this:  I’m sorry I’m a terrible Cambodia blogger.  I promise, I will have so much more to write on here once I am actually in Cambodia and doing things. There will be pictures and stories to share, and thoughts and rants and all of the stuff you’re all dying to hear about.  But for now, the thing I have to share with you happened last night at a Super Bowl party.

Let’s backtrack a bit to Thursday.  Thursday I bought my little sister and myself lunch, and then I bought myself two books that I feel are a good investment and will challenge me and stretch my spiritual life.  Then I bought dinner for a friend and myself, as a “thank you” to the family that seems to always pay for everything for me.

Friday I bought myself lunch, then dinner.  Then on Saturday I bought myself and my little sister dinner, and second dinner (first dinner was at about 5 o’clock, second was at about 11pm).  The reason for all this food buying on Friday and Saturday is as follows: I had class all day Friday, followed by Friday and Saturday evenings at Florida Christian College running a Rapha House merch booth during the annual IMPACT football tournament.  It was long.  I am tired.

Which brings us to Sunday morning.  I thought to myself as I was driving, “I’ve only got about twenty dollars left for the next two weeks.  How in the world can I make that last?”  When I got to church I looked at my wallet and sighed, then I had a two second debate with myself about whether or not to give that money as my tithe.  I grabbed my wallet in case I decided to, and when the time came for the offering I found myself pulling my money out and counting it.  I thought, “Oh, I’ll just give ten dollars. I know God will provide.”  But as I sat and prayed, I decided that God WILL provide for me, and he deserves my whole tithe, not just half of it because I need the other half to survive.

I tell you all this not to boast about my obedience, but rather to show off the way that God provided for me Sunday night.

Because, friends, Sunday night a friend came up to me and put a bill in my hand and said “for you” and walked away.  Later when I went to the restroom I looked at the bill to see what it was, and just about started crying.

I won’t tell the amount, but I’ll just say that there is enough money in my pocket to get me through the next two weeks.  Probably more than enough if I’m wise with it.

And you guys, the only way that happened was by the grace of God, His provision, and His Spirit working through the generosity of another.


I am blessed.  So beyond blessed.


I like your words.

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