A Financial Update, and Maybe Some Sweet Begging

I know I’ve been rather absent from the blog; truth be told, I’ve never been very good at consistent posts.  So, take this as my apology.  I am sorry that I have been neglecting the Cambodia Bound blog, and that I don’t have too many updates for you.


The biggest thing I have to share is where I am financially with my goal and support raising.  I shared earlier on my Facebook page (“Megan to Cambodia”) what my goals were, and here they are below for those who may not know:

  • Monthly Needs: $1,855
  • One-Time Needs: $4,500
  • Total for the year: $26,760

For the update, this is what I have left to raise:

  • Monthly Needs: $1,530
  • One-Time Needs: $2,655
  • Total still needed for the year: $21,015


I’m not going to lie to you, I will be the first one to admit that $21,015 is a lot of money.  I also will be the first one to tell you that $21,015 is a pretty overwhelming number.  But when it’s broken down into months and one-time needs, the numbers look pretty do-able, don’t you think?


For my August 2011 trip, I needed to raise roughly $3,000 (a little more).  Most of this was raised by kids that I spoke to over the summer at some sumer camps.  This year, I don’t have that same opportunity to go to camps and talk to awesome middle and high school students.  But I’ve seen God provide then, and I know He will provide now.


For my May 2012 trip, I needed to raise about $1,500.  This campaign was a tad bit more difficult, as I had a rather short amount of time to raise said money (perhaps February to May?) and no camps to go to.  I felt like I was begging anyone who would listen, asking for any support that could be given.  Then one night I spoke at the monthly women’s event at my home church and a love offering was taken up for me, and lo and behold, pretty much the exact amount I still needed to raise was presented to me at the end of the night.  It was the last three or four hundred dollars that I needed, and the Lord provided.


I have seen God provide in my own life.  Not only that, but I have seen God provide for Rapha House in pretty spectacular ways.


Over the summer, part of my job as an intern was to go to summer camps and present on behalf of the girls back in Cambodia.  One of the goals for the summer was to raise $2,000 for a new, larger tuk-tuk for one of our houses.  For a while now, the girls at this particular house had been squeezing into a four-person tuk-tuk to get to and from school – and there are no fewer than twelve girls at that house!  This larger tuk-tuk would allow them to ride comfortably, and all at the same time!  At one camp, the campers there raised all $2,000 and then some for Rapha.  I was blown away by the generosity and heart of these high school students.  I saw God provide through a bunch of high school students, just as he had the previous summer.


Then again, I watched as God raised up His people to meet a financial need in fall of 2012.  Rapha House had a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 to fund a new documentary which follows three of our Rapha girls over the past few years.  Not only was the $30,000 raised, but another $6,216 was donated!  See how our God provided?


I know He will provide for me.  I know that the gifts given so far will be multiplied, just like the fish and the loaves were.  God has brought me to this place for a reason, and it is so beautiful to see the desires of my heart coming to fruition.  I have longed and prayed for the Lord to bring me to Cambodia since I first set foot on that beautiful soil nearly two years ago.  And look!  LOOK!  He’s bringing me there.


So friends, as I showed you above, there is still a need.  There is still a need, and unless I get a super awesome and well-paid job for the next few months… there’s no way I can knock that out by myself.


Would you please, please, prayerfully consider partnering with me with a one-time contribution or a monthly commitment?  I am confident that I have been covered in prayers by you all, and I am so eternally grateful for those prayers.  There’s no way I can make it through the next year and a half without all of your prayers, so thank you, and please continue to remember me.


There’s also no way I can make it through the next year and a half without your continued financial support.  So please, would you pray about what the Lord would have you contribute, if anything at all?  I’m not looking just for money – please believe me on this.  I’m looking for families and individuals to come alongside me, people who will be as invested in my work in Cambodia as I am, and people who will hold me accountable to doing the Lord’s work that they are helping me do.


If you’re interested in becoming one of those partners, would you please send me an email at m.tucker213@gmail.com


Blessings to you all.


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