the time I “Jesus Juked” myself at a fro-yo place

Last night I went to the winter recital of a dear friend of mine.  She sang and played the guitar, and I sat with her family in the audience.  Actually, these people have become like family to me, so I suppose I went and watched a sister do her thing.  If anyone is wondering, she did great.

After the recital there were pictures and congratulations and a celebratory trip to the local frozen yogurt place.  As we ate our fro-yo, I had the opportunity to share more about Cambodia and this year long adventure I’m going on.  I really loved sharing all about Rapha House with the couple, and as I sat there talking I kept thinking how there was so much to say about Rapha because it’s so much more than just a place for girls to get counseling.

There are so many aspects to the rehabilitation that goes on at Rapha House.  There’s the welcome basket each girl receives upon arrival, and there are the three meals a day she gets; there’s the bed she sleeps on, the kitchen she learns to cook in, the courtyard she plays in, the swingset she swings on.  Then there’s the house boat she receives counseling on – a literal boat floating on the water, where she can go and talk about the horrors of her short life, and then leave it there, over the water, and walk back onto solid ground.  At Rapha there is the fish pond, the rice field, the mushroom hut – where the girls learn these practical life skills of sowing and reaping.  At Rapha there are the classrooms where the girls go to school and learn to read and write, where they learn how to sew, and how to do hair and make-up.  There is the local church down a ways where the girls can go to church on Sunday mornings if they choose to, and the evening devotionals in the courtyard that she can attend if she wants to

And my favorite part of Rapha House is the cement baptismal that sits next to the church, where so many of our Rapha girls have given their lives to Christ.  Those lives given?  They are such a beautiful example of the healing and forgiveness that happens at Rapha House.  In my opinion, those lives are the most perfect picture, outside of Christ himself, of redemption and restoration.


Last night after we left the fro-yo place and went our separate ways, the mother of the girl who sang in the recital sent me a text that said “did you know that you light up when you talk about Rapha?”


I wouldn’t want it any other way.


I like your words.

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