Hand to Mouth

I just want to say, sometimes I forget that I’m moving to Cambodia in May. There are days when it crosses my mind but it seems like more of a task to check off of a to-do list. When I am truly reminded, and I actually let it sink in for more than a second, I have this moment where I have to catch my breath. Normally something like, “oh my gosh, I’m moving” comes out of my mouth.

Somedays I’m reminded because it just comes to mind. I just take a deep breath and keep on moving.

Somedays I’m reminded because I remember I have to write a support letter, or draft up a budget, or sell some of my stuff or buy some other stuff. When that happens, I kind of close my eyes and say a little prayer that I would remember to trust the King.

Somedays, I remember because someone says something. It comes in the form of a question. “Did I hear you’re moving to Cambodia? Are you excited?” This is the time where my hand does one of two things. Either my hand drops to my heart or my stomach because I get a little nauseous and excited and my heart skips a beat and I can feel the pit in my stomach. OR, my hand goes to my mouth because I’m about to gasp at the fact that God has brought me here. Usually, with my hand on my mouth, I get misty-eyed and can only stand in awe. I nod, smiling behind my hand, eyes damp.

This is crazy. I am still amazed. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, raising all the money to go over, but I know that it will. Because God has called me there. So I trust. I believe.


I like your words.

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