One Week

It feels like it was just last week that I was shooing the cat out of my suitcase so that I could pack for Cambodia. It feels like yesterday I was leaving home to move to Joplin for the summer.  And today, I am sad and nervous and excited and ready and sad to leave Joplin for Orlando.  Though I haven’t been in Joplin long, it has become sort of a home to me.  I’ve worked and lived here for months now, know some of the people, and can even take a few backroad short cuts to get to where I’m going.  It’s weird how so quickly a new place can become familiar.  It’s sad how so quickly I can become complacent, learn to be okay with getting by, and content with the everyday menial tasks and to-do list thoughts.

The past couple of months, thirteen weeks to be exact, have been like one giant adventure.  That’s what it really has been.  An adventure.  I’ve met new, wonderful people who have filled my life with beauty and given new meaning to old things, like laughter, and stories, and community.  I’ve experienced frustration and anxiety and thrilling, breath-taking moments all in the same breath.  I’ve driven my poor car, Janice, to new tires – through Illinois and Iowa, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  I’ve driven through Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky just to get to Missouri.  I’ve seen mountains (compared to Florida terrain), the prettiest blue lakes, clay that is an orange I didn’t even knew existed in the color spectrum.  I have stopped off at mom and pop restaurants, walked through caves, go-karted over dirt hills, smiled at little old ladies in tiny towns, and really lived in the moment with quality people.

This summer has been an adventure, and quite the wild ride.  It saddens my heart to think that Tuesday is my last day in the office, and that by Wednesday evening I will be staying the night in Georgia.  I love Georgia, don’t get me wrong.  And I am beyond excited to be home and see my family and friends again.  It’s just…

It’s been a great summer, okay?

It’s been such a blessing to be here in Joplin, to be traveling and speaking and writing out price tags and counting merchandise and being a representative.

I was journaling earlier, recounting the ways that God has been so good to me this summer.  I’d like to share some of that list with you all.

  1. He has showed me what is good: to seek justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly with him.
  2. He has taken me on this grand adventure, and on this road trip that I have always, always wanted to take.
  3. He has blessed my time here at Rapha House with good friends, good experiences, and life lessons that will not soon be forgotten.
  4. He has shown me the fruit of my labor, and taught me that even in the small, sometimes brainless tasks (like writing out price tags or mailing letters) – that even then, there is God-glory in those things. He has taught me that my diligent work in these seemingly unimportant tasks has enabled those in other positions to continue doing their work, and doing it well.
  5. He has made my heart glad knowing that I am right exactly where He wants me to be this summer.


It’s a beautiful thing, knowing that you are exactly where God wants you.  I’ve never, ever felt that before this summer.  I hope that that feeling, and that knowledge, doesn’t go away.  I want to always be right where He wants me.


Grace and peace.


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