Three Main Differences Between Florida and Missouri

I’ve recently began taking note of all the differences between Florida and Missouri.  And by “recently,” I mean I’ve noticed the difference since the beginning of internship, but I decided last night that I wanted to tell you all about it.

Number One: Florida has lizards everywhere.  In Missouri, there are no lizards.  Instead, there are giant grasshoppers everywhere.  And by “giant,” I mean HUGE.  And some are small.  But mostly giant.  They always freak me out a bit, also, because I am just not use to grasshoppers.  We have them in Florida, but not like here in Missouri.  I kind of miss the lizards (which is something I never thought I would say).

Number Two: Florida has a beach where one can watch the sunrise, AND the sunset.  Missouri has… hills.  Case and point.

Number Three: Friends.  98% of my friends are in Florida.  2% are in Missouri.  Again… case and point.

Number Four: Now I’m just making things up.

(: Today, I went to Sonic to get drinks during Happy Hour.  You wish you were the intern, don’t you?


I like your words.

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