I’m a Terrible Blogger Sometimes

I realize it’s been forever since I last blogged about life or this internship.


Currently I am sitting in the office storing/packing/shipping room at my “desk” with a fan on full blast and K-Love playing.  This morning has been pretty relaxed. Yesterday we did the majority of packing for the North American Christian Convention, so there are about ten boxes sitting in the hallway ready to go.  This morning all I’ve had to do so far is pack up the t-shirts we’re sending with the group going to Orlando.  Let me tell you — never have I been so freaked out and stressed about how to pack a box until I worked here.  In my mind, everything alike must be put together – purses? If they’re the same kind, put them all together. Shirts? Same size? Same color? Put them together.  Journals?  Same cover?  Put them together.  So anal-retentive about all that organizing stuff, it’s crazy. 

This is my second week working in the office, and I really love it.  I love seeing how the insides work of this awesome organization.  This past week I was at a camp in Iowa, which was truly a blessing.  I worked with some of the best staff and kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing camp with, and that was a great gift from God since I was originally in a probably too-foul of mood about going to camp at all.  For some reason I have just been anti-traveling recently.  That is slowly changing, but I’m praying it changes quicker. heh.


I must go now. I’ve got to fold about a thousand scarves and stuff them in tiny plastic bags. 


yay! (: I love work. (not sarcastic at all. seriously)


I like your words.

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