Goodbye, Cambodia

So I haven’t posted anything in a few days. Partly because I didn’t want to acknowledge that I was leaving Cambodia, partly because I didn’t have words to describe feelings that I still can’t pin down, and partly because nothing really mattered anymore after I met Seha. (:


Right now, I’m stranded in Dallas until 6am. Then I head home, finally. Then I have a full day of laundry-doing and packing and stuffing my car with as much as it will hold, and meeting friends for lunch and dinner.


I am blessed. These past however many hours of traveling have been pretty crazy.  At one point I entered Japan and got my passport stamped, then left Japan about five minutes later.  Then my flight was delayed about 2 or 3 hours sitting on the tarmac.  Then my flight to Orlando was canceled.  So now I’m stuck, sitting in McDonald’s, trying not to buy ten cups of coffee just to stay awake.  At this point, if I sleep, I’ll miss my flight.  Which is sad, because I see people walking around with cots and I don’t know where they’re getting them but I know that they’re sleeping on them.

I am so jealous. haha.




I like your words.

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