This one is long!



I feel like I’m doing a terrible job at blogging. My goal was to blog at the end of each day, or about the previous day at the beginning of the next. Does that make sense?


Let’s see…


Day 5:


We drove back to Rapha after doing some official bidness. We didn’t get back until about 5pm, and then at 6 or 6:30 we did devos with the girls. We discussed the first three fruits of the Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace. I think it went well. It was my first time ever talking with an interpreter, and I guess I did pretty alright.


Then I think we went to bed.



Day 6:


We got on the bus and drove with half the staff for a staff retreat. We went to some beach/lake/river area that was pretty nice and spacious. The theme for the retreat was “Personal Healing” and really it was about the staff investing in themselves as a whole and coming together. It is important for them to remember to take care of themselves, because taking care of these girls can be quite a lot of stress sometimes.


It was just a good day of Jesus and community and relaxation. I think we played a billion rounds of Qwirkle and Uno. They really loved those games. haha.


After the retreat, the staff went home and the four of us (Hannah, Erica, Erica, and myself) stayed the night at a hotel. We went to the night market, which was really cool. I was able to grab a few souvenirs for some friends, so I am excited to give them those things. (: I am still on the hunt for the perfect gifts for my family members and something for myself that I just really love. So far, nothing. It’s hard choosing just one thing for people who are so laid back.


(Hint: Family, if you want something specific, tell me. I’m not a mind reader.)


Then we went to bed.


Day 7:


Then we woke up.


Then we did staff retreat (same things) with the other half of the staff. This was really cool and I got to meet a few more of the staff members. They are all really wonderful and I love them. (:


At staff retreat we did a few games and activities. The first game was where you are partnered with one other person and you study them for a minute or two. Then you turn around back to back and ask each other questions like “what color are my eyes?” or “what color is my shirt?” Then they did an activity where they drew themselves on one side of index card, and on the other wrote out things about themselves that sometimes they forget, like how God sees them. I think it was in James that the whole devotional came from, about looking in a mirror and then going away and forgetting what we just saw. Sitting and looking into the mirror and seeing yourself with God’s eyes is a tricky thing, and it’s important to remember how He sees us. Our eyes are cloudy, and we can be so blind sometimes. God is good.


Then, team building happened. (: The staff was divided into two groups, and each group had to stand on a mat and try and flip it over while still standing on it. I’ve seen this done tons of times at youth groups and at summer camps. It’s always really interesting to see how different groups work together and flip the mat over. Some stand on the edges and flip it real easy and quickly, and then some groups try and pull the corners in and then get trapped. I don’t know how these teams did it (it happened all so fast!), but they did. Good job for them. Though, I saw plenty of people step off the mats and help that way. Ha – the point is to stay on the mat! Happens at camps and youth groups too. It’s funny to see what sort of things are universal. I like it. I like observing.


(: I like Cambodia.


The last activity was each person had a piece of paper and drew/wrote out their personal timeline. One tick on the timeline for each year of their life. Going through each year of life, they try and think quickly of what events helped define them and mold them into who they are today. If something can be thought of for a specific year, you move on. The point is the first thing that comes to mind, really.


I will say this: It is extremely humbling to be shared with someone’s timeline. Some of them have a lot of pain in them. The best part is that the three or four I had the privilege of listening to all ended with Jesus and the hope these wonderful people now have in Him.


I love Jesus and the hope that He brings. I love that I have brothers and sisters in Cambodia. I love the healing and restoring power of the good Lord.




Sharing is so liberating. I’m starting to really love it.




Then we went home with the staff.


On the bus ride home, I got to share some quality time with the boss lady. I really do like her. I am extremely glad that the Lord has worked things out the way He has.


It is so refreshing, and calming, and peaceful, and wonderful, and awe-inspiring to know that I am exactly where God wants me to be right now.


The only emotion I can pinpoint is still just thankfulness. And awe. I am in awe. Daily I remember the Lord and get teary-eyed thinking about how He has brought me back to Cambodia, how He has brought me closer to my dream, how He has brought me to work for Rapha House, even if just for the summer.


Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.




I like your words.

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