the happiest part of my day

We’ve done a lot of running around today. We had staff meeting at 7:30am, and then Erica and I went to breakfast. We read through a few chapters in Esther and then headed back home. After that we separated more beads for the devotional tonight, and then went walking to find Hannah. We didn’t find her (she was still in a meeting), so we came back to the apartment. Somewhere in there I Skyped with Ryan, answered emails, etc., and then we went out to lunch with Hannah. Then we came back and worked on a bulletin board for the girls that had pictures from a few nights ago when we did Zumba with them. It’s the “activities” board, so they’ll be able to see what movie is going to be played on movie night and be able to see pictures from events. Then we checked out the hair salon where some girls work for reintegration. When we came back to the offices, we did some more intern-errands and got a few things out of the way for Hannah.

I had the chance to walk back to the main building with one of the staff members, and when I said “thank you” in Khmer to the security guard, she (staff member, not security guard) said “oh! you speak khmer!”

Here’s how our conversation went:

C: “Oh! You speak Khmer, yes?”
M: “Oh no, only a few words.”
C: “Yes, how many?”
M: “Like, five. haha.”
C: “Which words you know?”
M: (me rattling off numbers and a few words and phrases) “And, ‘complign’ is funny, yes?”
C: “You speak good Khmer! Most foreigners cannot speak like you. You learn more and will be good at it!”
M: “I want to learn all of it!”
C: “Yes – you stay here long time and you will speak very well, like Cambodian.”

That was the happiest part of my day.

It’s my prayer that I am blessed so much as to learn Khmer and stay here for a long time.


I like your words.

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