Day 3


Saturday was our day off and so we spent a good chunk of time in the city.  We took a tuk tuk into town for some brunch, and then walked around for one and a half or two hours (maybe more??).  We also tested some of our Khmer and ordered cafe tuk daco (iced coffee with sweet milk) from a corner restaurant. That’s about all any of us can say without stumbling over ourselves and looking silly. Hannah is much better at Khmer than Erica and myself because she has been here longer and has been practicing more, so she can say many more things than I can. I like that she is our boss. (:


On a side note: ‘tuk daco’ means ‘liquid breast cow’ (maybe not in that order). I smile every time I think of that.


We also watched a movie with the girls at Rapha on Saturday. How To Train Your Dragon was super funny — and it had Khmer subtitles, so the girls really loved it too.  Their laughter is seriously one of the sweetest sounds.


After the movie, Lion and I were standing outside holding hands and side-hugging and chatting a little bit.


Lion is a special girl. I don’t know her story, and I honestly don’t think I want to know — but I know that she is special. In August when my team came to Cambodia, the first night we were at Rapha was a huge feast and dance party. Long story short, Kelsey from our team and Lion locked eyes from across the way and were instantly best friends. Kelsey can’t speak a lick of Khmer, and Lion speaks about the same amount of English. But every day that we were there, they would just be sitting together holding hands. No words necessary. By the time we had to leave, Lion and Kelsey were hugging and crying because they seriously love each other that much. There is more to the story, like the items Lion gave to Kelsey when we left, but maybe one day Kelsey can tell you about that.


When I saw Lion the first night, I called her over and said, “do you remember Kelsey?”


I’ve never seen a happier girl. For real. Her face lit up and when I told her that Kelsey loves her and misses her she hugged me so tight and said thank you. That girl is seriously so sweet.


That night after the movie when Lion and I were standing outside together, she looked up at the sky and waved and said “Goodnight Kelsey! I love you!”


I smiled. “Lion, no. Kelsey good morning!” And then Lion gave me the “are you kidding me? you’re crazy” look. So then I got to explain to her. Night in Cambodia, Day in America. Day in Cambodia, Night in America. I think it blew her mind. I don’t know if she actually believes me, or if she completely understands, but I just think it was so cool.



Day 4


This puts us at Sunday.


Sunday morning we went to church and Bill spoke with an interpreter. It was a great message, and right now as we drive back to Rapha from Phnom Penh, I can’t really remember what it was about. I did take notes though, so I was definitely paying attention.


I really loved hearing all the voices praising the King in a language I can’t begin to understand.


After church, we packed up some of our things and Hannah went to town on her moto to bring back some cafe tuk daco and some lime juice. I am seriously digging the lime juice here and it is basically all I want to drink – more so even than the cafe tuk daco which was all I wanted to drink in August. Lime juice lime juice lime juice. Mmm mmm mmm! After we drank and talked for a while, it was time to hop in the van and drive to Phnom Penh. We were only there for one night, so currently I am writing this as we are driving in the van back to Rapha. It is one long drive, let me tell you.


Fun fact: 99% of people in Cambodia drive motos everywhere. A lot of those people also have a car (especially in the big cities). Of those people with cars, 99.999999% of them drive a Toyota Camry. Or a Lexus.


This morning (Day 5), Erica and I rode in style in Theara’s Lexus. That is all.



Oh, and last night when we got to Phnom Penh, we ate dinner at Friend’s, which is an awesome restaurant and organization that helps street kids.


Then I crashed at about 7pm because I just wanted to sleep off a headache.


I like your words.

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