Day 1 (more!!)

It’s sort of a dirt village. A little off the beaten path. BUT, I am currently sitting in the living room/bedroom of the apartment I’m staying in. (: It’s actually a pretty nice place, attached to a couple of other apartments, this one land-lorded by one of the guys at Rapha. I guess these may have been built just for Rapha people, but there are a few other people in this little 4 or 5 apartment complex. But I don’t know that for sure. And the neighbors live in a shack and have a shopping stand set up, basically in our driveway but not quite.

Also, no mosquito netting. Though it is rainy season, so mosquitos are definitely out. I haven’t been bit by anything yet (that I know of), but Hannah (our boss here) was bit tonight by something on her ear. Bit or stung. It doesn’t look bad, but she said it burned a lot.

Tonight we went across the street to the Rapha building and did Zumba with the girls. There are two girls who have been leading the Zumba sessions for the past two months through YWAM. They leave real soon for debriefing and heading back to the states. Anyways, so we did Zumba. I tried, but let’s face it, I just don’t have rhythm. So when Hannah went back to the room for something, I helped a girl dance. She’s blind, so she just moves her hips a lot, but I stood behind her and helped her move her arms in a way that somewhat (not really) resembled the actual arm moves the girls were doing. She is a sweet girl. Her story is a particularly hard one, so it’s humbling that I’m able to help her enjoy something as simple as dancing. She is so sweet.

Also, two of the girls recognized me (at least enough to ask) from my last trip. That was really great.

The next couple of days are a bit of mystery. We’re here for a while, but then we head back to Phnom Penh on Sunday for a night or two, and then back to this city that we’re in now. Then, the other intern and I will be teaching the girls their devotionals on the fruits of the spirit. Starting with the first three (love, joy, peace) and starting some bracelets with the girls. There will be a different colored bead for every fruit (nine of them). Hopefully we’ll be learning to say them in Khmer too so that we can say them with the girls. Our plans haven’t really been fleshed out further than that, though I know we will be making a trip to Kid’s Club because Theara (the woman who was our translator in August) wants me to meet MY BOY! I am so excited, I can hardly speak. I can’t wait to meet him. I hope he likes me.

I am really tired and it’s only day one. I am so excited for the rest of this trip. I just know it’s going to be really fantastic. (: Minus the heat and sweating like a pig and stuff. (;


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