also, before I forget…

I want to thank all the wonderful ladies at the event last night. There was a love offering taken up for my Cambodia trip in May, and I surely feel loved. The Lord has blessed me through these women with another $457 towards the trip. Which, I do believe, covers the rest of the cost of the trip that I was lacking. How good is God?

So good. So beyond good that it blows my mind.

Over the next month I am expecting to add another $200 from work savings, $40 from my normal savings, and around $300 from a friend.

So… here’s the math… (assuming my math actually adds up. heh.)

$420 (in savings currently)
457 (Love Offering)
200 (work savings)
40 (normal savings)
300 (donation)
$ 1,417 Total


And I only needed $1,300


See how the Lord has blessed. I am beside myself. All praise, honor, and glory to the King! (:


I like your words.

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