Cambodia 2012

Dear Friends & Family,

I am thrilled to share with you all the news that I will be returning to Cambodia in May of this year for another two weeks. It is a part of my internship, and the other Rapha House intern (Erica) and myself will be going to Cambodia for orientation. Pretty exciting, right?

I am not sure what at all will be happening in Cambodia this time around. This trip could look very similar to the one we took in August, or it could be completely different. As I find out information, I will share it.

Right now, this is what I know: The trip is in late May, the week following the end of my summer class. The trip is going to cost me $1,300. The trip is about two weeks long. It’s part of my internship and there will be orientation during the trip.


My first thought when I read the email saying I would be in Cambodia was just shock and excitement.

I was stoked to be interning with Rapha House before, but now I am just overwhelmed. I think I cried happy tears at least ten times yesterday.

My God is GOOD, and I am just completely overwhelmed. He answers BIG prayers in BIG ways. I’m still kind of in disbelief. But it’s real. I’m really going back. AH!


So for now, this is all I know. I will keep things posted as I find out more.

Philippians 4:4


I like your words.

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