Spring 2012

So far this spring, big things have been happening.

I found out I was one of two Rapha House summer interns. We reached eleven churches to help underwrite the cost of a Rapha House in Haiti. Our annual Missions Banquet is coming up next week, put on by the freshman class, and is featuring Rapha House Haiti with special guest speaker, Stephanie Freed. I will also be speaking for a brief five minutes about how RH Haiti came about. And, I have a speaking engagement in April for the women’s group of the church I grew up in, wherein I will talk about RH and try and get some kid sponsorships.

It has been a good semester, as far as Rapha House goes. Big things are happening. God is moving. I am so excited. (:

On a similar note, I received my internship contract back today from Rapha. It looks like I will be starting my internship the third full week of May. I’ve scheduled a summer course for those first two full weeks in hopes of alleviating some of the pressures of my fall course load.

Again – I am so excited.

This internship is pretty much what I’ve been wanting for the past few years. I am beyond stoked.



2 thoughts on “Spring 2012

  1. That’s awesome! Hiatt and I are so excited for you. Do you have any details in place for your internship yet?

I like your words.

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