the girl in the alley.

The other day I saw a picture of the alley that we went down where I saw that beautiful little girl. I saw a picture of that alley flooded — so much that a person was wading through it and the water came up to their chest. Whether this person was an adult or a child, I don’t know, so I don’t know exactly how flooded it was.

I do know that my heart sank a little bit.

I found out later that the kids and families in the alley ARE supported by Kid’s Club/Rapha House. They ARE taken care of, and those kids DO go to school and to Kid’s Club afterwards.

Which mean that girl goes. She’s getting an education. She’s going to school. She’s going to Kid’s Club and learning about Jesus, too.

So I got in contact with the lady who heads up the US side of the Kid’s Club sponsorship program and asked about the girl. I sent in two pictures hoping to get her identified.

And you know what? She’s sponsored. She’s sponsored.

Do you know how happy that made me?


And, I got her name.




Isn’t that beautiful?


I like your words.

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