Our Guide! 8/10/11

When I was listing the members of our team, I forgot to tell you about our lovely guide, Theara. She is Khmer and she works in conjunction with Rapha House to put on a “Kid’s Club” twice a week that is based out of her family’s home. Every Thursday evening and Sunday morning, a ton of kids from a very very VERY impoverished area of Phnom Penh come to her home to play, sing songs, learn English, and more importantly learn about Jesus. There is also a “Kid’s Club” preschool that meets every weekday morning at Theara’s house. She works tirelessly to reach the children of Cambodia with the Gospel of Christ. But for 12 days, she has been and will be responsible for taking us to all of the places we need – or want – to go. You can pray for Theara in a few ways:

1. For patience in dealing with us (we can be a handfull…).
2. For continued strength and encouragement from God that what she is doing is Kingdom work!
3. The resources that she needs to continue to do “Kid’s Club”
4. Theara’s family just bought the land behind her home. She has a vision to build a building that can be used as a school, a place for kids to play when the weather is too hot or rainy, and a place to house foster children. Theara has figured out that she needs $25,000 to build this building on the lot her family just purchased. If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. Please keep that in your prayers.

Our group is so thankful that Theara is guiding us. She has been a valuable part of our group educationally, but has also helped all of us spiritually (if only understanding what it means to get out there and meet the needs you see in the community around you.).

Tomorrow (or maybe later tonight, for those of you in the states) we will have some blog posts about Bloom Cupcakes, the IJM Cambodia Office, and our visit to “Kid’s Club.”

With love,



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