From Hiatt 8/13/11

This is the day we have all been waiting for! We finally get to meet the girls at RH! Our main reason for this trip…to love these girls! But, oh, how they loved us!

As we got off the bus, they greeted us with clapping and they formed a path in between them for us to walk through. They gave Dave one of the most beautiful flower bouquets that I have ever seen. They brought us to a place at the front of the house where we all sat in chairs as they performed several beautiful Khmer dances for us. The girls would sit with us and hold our hands and touch us and speak to us in a language that none of us knew but it spoke to our hearts nonetheless.

After the amazing ceremony, they sat us at tables where they had prepared a dinner of rice and octopus and a mixture of several delicious fruits. We ate and laughed. They would watch us eat and I think some were even giggling at the way we ate certain foods because we did not know the proper way. It was quite funny.

Once dinner was over, something amazingly strange happened. It started off slow, but in a matter of minutes, the area turned into a huge outside dance party. Someone said, “Thank you Jennifer Lopez for breaking the ice for us.” The excitement of the girls to dance with us and even teach us some of their own traditional Khmer dances was all it took to get every one of us Americans with no rhythm to dance with the most freedom. The motto for this trip is “get over yourself.” I never knew how much getting over myself could actually be. We danced all night, dripping sweat, heart beating out of my chest, and it was the best night of my life. We got to know some of the girls as they patiently taught us these amazing dance steps.

They are beautiful, amazing, loving girls and we all fell in love.


I like your words.

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