Not Enough Time

It is 10:50pm at the start of this entry.

My dad just handed me a 2oz bottle of insect repellent that may or may not be unusable. He says the military gave it to him. He’s been retired since 1996. But, it has a crap load of deet – 71.25% to be exact.

I need to pack. I still have laundry going. I still need to pack, and decided how to pack. I still need to sort items, and squish items into a quart sized bag. I still need to sleep. I know I have enough time, but it feels like I don’t have enough time. heh.

Excitement is setting in – or it was earlier this evening. Since I’ve gotten sleepier, I’ve just kind of mellowed out even more. It almost doesn’t feel real that I’m going to Cambodia. Someone told me that when they were on a plane ride that was longer than normal (she flew over the Atlantic a couple of times), she felt like the plane was just a day trip and when she got off she would be back home in Orlando. I’m curious if I’ll feel like that, or if I’ll be so excited that the whole time we’re in the air I’ll be thinking about Cambodia and Rapha House.

And monsoons. I’ll probably be thinking about the monsoon rains. I’m telling myself that it will rain every day, all day, and that our plans won’t happen at all. Not because I’m a Debby-downer or anything, but because I want to be SUPER excited when our itinerary works out and we get to do and go to all the places that we’ve planned to.

I’m trying to not expect anything from this trip except to see the face of Jesus.

I’m excited to see what the Lord will do with the people in our group – how He will mold our hearts and minds while we’re there; how He will break us, just so build us back up; how He will show us who He is, and show us His heart in all this.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m anxious. I think I’m ready? I know I’m not prepared.

Please continue praying for my team. We’ll need it. Specifically, please remember to pray for unity and love, patience and understanding, and listening rather than just talking.


I like your words.

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