-2 and a layover

Currently half of our team is going to McDonald’s in the JFK airport, and the other half of us is watching bags, reading books, journaling, texting, listening to ipods, and (for me) blogging. Our trip has already had some hiccups and bumps, and I think there are some things that are very important that need to be said.

Two of our team members, Lauren and Josh, have made the decision to back out of the trip. This is sad for two reasons: 1. Lauren and Josh have been an integral part of planning this trip since it was first announced that it would take place this past year. 2. Lauren’s brother, Josh, (Josh is also the name of her husband) is in the hospital facing some very sudden and very serious health issues. Lauren and Josh got the call last night and shared with us this morning about what was going on. They knew at some point during this first leg of the trip that they would get a call from Lauren’s family giving news about her brother, and that news would determine whether or not they came to Cambodia with us. They got the news this morning in Orlando right after we got through security, and made the decision then to be with family. This comes hard to our team because each member of the team is super important. Dave, our fearless leader, shared some wisdom this morning as Lauren and Josh announced their leaving. He said something to the effect of how God seeks to preserve and protect. What God is preserving in Lauren and Josh or protecting them from is a complete mystery to the team and myself. Perhaps God is preserving and/or protecting the rest of us from something. Who knows. All we know is that Lauren and Josh will keep us updated, and that we will be praying fiercely for Josh’s recovery and that the team of doctors who’s care he is under would be mighty skilled and full of wisdom and knowledge about what’s going on. I know that God is the ultimate healer. We know that. So, for now, we pray and wait to hear back from Lauren and Josh. Please pray with us as their family goes through this rough time — pray for their hearts to be comforted, for courage and strength, and for them to see the face of Jesus as the next few days and weeks progress.

-2, and still going strong. We know that God is God, and His wisdom is not like our own.

On a lighter note, we’re hanging out in the gate waiting area for the next, ohh… five hours? Longest. Layover. Of. Life.

Kelsey and Brad have both brought a deck of cards and Tammi brought Farkle, so I’m sure we will have something to keep us entertained for a while. After that, it’s reading and sleeping and listening to our ipods over and over again. I think we all smell like airplane, which I think is a terrible smell. It’s not bad smelling, it’s just not my favorite smell in the world. We’ve filled up our stomachs with what may be our last American meal for a while, and I’m pretty okay with that.

Everyone seems content with the way things are going so far, minus the Lauren and Josh leaving part.

I think we all know that whatever happens, God is working. It’s good to remember that the Lord is working in our favor, and in the favor of those we may know nothing about, as we travel and do our thing. My hope for these next two weeks is that the people on our team, both individually and as a whole, would bend low. I’ve heard it said that “low” is where we see the face of Jesus — and I want to see the face of Jesus. My hope for these next two weeks is that we would become like a family, working and moving together with the same goal in mind: bringing glory to God. My hope for these next two weeks is that we would be gentle, forgiving, understanding, and compassionate towards one another. Things will happen. We will get angry at each other. We will be annoyed. We will make a snarky comment, a low blow, and we will step on each others’ toes. These things I’m not surprised by, nor do they worry me too much. We have a good team. A strong team. A team that will continually seek Jesus and work at our relationships with Him and one another.

I’m stoked by the way the Lord will move in our group.

Love from JFK,
Megan (& team)

you can find most of the posts from this week at the team’s blog: http://www.fcccambodia.blogspot.com
a lot of my posts will be copied/pasted from that website. I’ll try and do a personal update on here every now and again.


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