I suppose I should update everyone?

ONE WEEK! We leave for Cambodia in ONE WEEK! I’m so, so, so, so excited. (:

Please be praying, though. A check hasn’t been sent in yet, which is the big $1,000 check. I need that ASAP, otherwise I won’t have a way to get to Cambodia. Please pray that the money gets in by tomorrow so that Rapha House can put it towards the team’s fund before they send out a check to us. If it’s not in by the time Rapha writes the check, I’m going to need lots of prayer and cash support from you lovely people. I’m confident that God sees what’s happening. I’m calm… ish. I’ve decided that whether or not the money comes in and I go, the journey just to this point has been completely worth it. (But really… pray that the money comes in quick. (; )

Other than all that, not much is going on. I have another week of camp starting today, if the dryer would finish. I need to read four books this week, which is entirely possible if I really read every chance I get. (I’m excited for the challenge.) Friday night is a team meeting. Saturday is my “get everything together and do the rest of whatever I need to do” day – which will (hopefully) include more clothes shopping, possibly shoe shopping (YAY!), and laundry and packing and praying that I remember my passport and malarone. (; haha.

Again, please be praying. Love to all. (:


I like your words.

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