I’m terrible at coming up with titles for posts

Having all my money in for Cambodia has seriously been a huge blessing. Not only because I can stop worrying about it, but now I’m able to really be excited for trip. I love being able to relax and not be counting out how much more money I need. I love when someone asks how far along in fundraising I am, and I get to smile a huge smile and say “I’m DONE!” Having all the money in has seriously helped my heart to relax a little. I feel like I could keep saying that and you all still maybe wouldn’t understand unless you have been in this position. Have you been in this position?

With all that said, I still can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and donations. The only reason I’m able to go on this trip is because you all have helped me get there. (:

It feels so good to be done.

This next week is a week off, full of reading up for Cambodia.
Then I have a week of camp.
And then on that Friday night I have a meeting with the Cambodia team to go over everything one last time before we leave.
Saturday is my day off.
And then Sunday, at 9am, we leave for the airport.

And then we go.


I like your words.

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