Dear Week 2 High School Kids

You are all amazing.

I want you all to know that each and every dollar given does not amount to the value of the prayers you prayed for me and my team this morning during missions.

I want you all to know that each and every dollar raised is no where near the amount I love you, if love could ever be measured in amounts.

I want you all to know, that each and every dollar you gave added up to $505.27.

I want you all to know that my heart has been broken this week, and is in the process of restoration. Part of that brokenness and restoration is occurring because of the week and how the Lord worked on my heart while here… But part of it is because I once again was able to share my passion with you all, and once again, I stand amazed at how ridiculously awesome you all are.

Those of you who donated many canteen tickets… thank you. Really. So much. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Those of you who donated one ticket, or two tickets, or a dollar, or $.27… your donation means the world to me. I like to think that those who give little are those who are actually giving much, and giving out of what they don’t have.

There’s a story in the Gospels somewhere, where a man goes to the tithing box and drops in a lot of money and walks away proud. Then an old woman comes and drops in a penny or two, even though she’s poor and has nothing. Christ says that she gave out of what she didn’t have, and she will be blessed.

May you all be blessed…

And those of you who it was a struggle to give and still gave… thank you. You are great.

You are all great.


And don’t let this past week go to waste. Continue letting the Lord work on your hearts and minds. Continue on, seeking Him, loving Him, working out your salvation. Continue on asking the Lord to reveal Himself to you. And please, continue to find out who the “me” is that God desires you to be.

You can do it. You are all wonderful. You are important. You are special. You are valuable. You are worthy of protection, honor, and freedom.


I like your words.

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