to the kids of middle school camp this week…

Thank you.

Thank you for your prayers, your encouraging words, your brainstorming ideas, your input on how to make my presentations better, and your thoughts on life.

This week has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. So many ways that I never actually expected.

To be honest, you guys, I only came to Chuck’s week to be the missionary. I had another camp lined up where I was just going to be a counselor and hang out with the kids down at Lake Aurora. And while that was cool and all, I did need money for my trip and the spot was offered to me.

I don’t want you thinking that you’re all just dollar signs to me, though. Because, you’re not. At first you were… but somewhere between Missions With Meg on Monday and BB guns on Tuesday, things changed. Between my first nerve-wracking and boring day of missions and my second, less-awkward day of talking to you all about Rapha House… I began to slowly realize that YOU really are the reason why I was at camp. Maybe not my initial reason… but definitely the reason now. YOU are all the reason why I’m doing this whole Rapha thing at camps. You all, and the kids I’ll come in contact with over the next few weeks.

You may remember me breaking into tears yesterday morning during the end of the last Missions with Meg presentation. I want to apologize for that, not because I couldn’t hold myself together, but because I didn’t allow myself to let you all be the real reason in the first place. You see, I was just so proud of you all for getting it. You understand what human trafficking is, and you understand why it’s bad. And now I am just so proud of you, because you understand that it’s your responsibility now, and you’re beginning the process of taking ownership.

I encourage you to continue learning about trafficking and advocating for those in slavery. You all CAN do great things. Remember Zach Hunter. He was twelve when he started Loose Change to Loosen Chains. You can do it. I have faith in you. And I pray that each of you would continue on, strongly, always seeking the Lord’s will for your life.

You are all wonderful.

To the people who weren’t the campers at camp this past week… those amazing kids raised $508.00 for my Cambodia trip, helping me reach the needed amount for a plane ticket to Cambodia. Now to finish the race. (; Next week’s camp should help out a lot. I look forward to pouring out and into those high schoolers with everything I have.

Please be in prayer for me over the next week, that I might have an open mind and an open heart, and that I might not forget what I’m doing all this for. And please keep the campers & staff in your prayers, that they might also have open minds and open hearts, and that they might tap into the gifts the Lord has blessed them with.


One thought on “to the kids of middle school camp this week…

  1. Meg, You are an amazing person! What you are doing is saving lives! You are truly a full-blown Hero. Thank you for teaching us all about the terrible crime that is Human-trafficking. I love you so much, Hannah Sue.

I like your words.

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