Camp: Week 1

So, I’m updating from camp right now.

This week is my first week acting as missionary at camp, and so far, so good. Yesterday I told the kids about human trafficking on a very general level and introduced them to Cambodia by talking about the genocide there. I was pretty boring, but to me, boring is nothing if you’re being informative. And, boy, was I informative. The kids asked great questions at the end, also, which was very encouraging to my heart. When we recapped about everything and I asked them questions, they were all super quick with answers and were kind of excited to be picked to answer.

Today we talked about Rapha House. I told them all the good things that are going on and all the good news of healing and salvation. I think they’re getting it. I think they’re starting to understand. And it makes me so, so happy.

It’s encouraging to my heart, these kids asking questions and paying attention and talking about it at their group times.

I showed a video this morning of a girl who went and took a blanket and pillow to her mother in jail. Her mother is the one who sold her into slavery.

These are the moments that get to me. I need to take time to process the things I’m saying and the videos I’m sharing because if I just talk and watch I’m not feeling it. The processing is where I think of the girl in the video and ache for her and rejoice for her and pray for her. The processing is where I hear my own facts and let them sink in. I’m in a backroom writing this with tears in my eyes.

I need these moments.

I don’t want this words to just roll off my tongue like my name and I’ve said it a million times and it might not really matter. I want these words to be words that mean something to me, and hopefully will mean something to these kids and counselors and camp staff.

When it comes down to it, I do want their money. I need their money. But what truly matters to me right now is that they’re understanding that there are kids in the world their age who are being bought and sold right now. There are kids in the world their age who are being raped and beaten and worked until they die from exhaustion. I want these campers to know and understand that while they matter, the boys and girls in slavery right now matter too.

And I think they’re getting it.


I like your words.

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