Garage Sale for Cambodia!

Friends, family, people I don’t even know….

I am going to be having a garage sale either next weekend or one of the last two weekends in July. All proceeds will go to my trip for Cambodia, and anything that exceeds the remaining $1,500 that I need for my trip will either go directly to Rapha House for whatever they need it for, to another student going on our trip who may not be as far along in fundraising as I am, or towards the group as a whole to buy things from Rapha to bring back here to sell for them. That was a big sentence.

Long story short, I’m having a garage sale! YAAAAY!

The thing is… I need stuff to sell.

Sooo… if YOU, or your MOM, or you DAD, or your SISTER/BROTHER, or you BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND, or you AUNT TWICE REMOVED have anything that they wouldn’t mind giving away to be sold to help me out… PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I can’t have a garage sale without stuff to sell. If you get in contact with me (email is:, I would be extremely happy to come to your house to pick up any donations, or meet you somewhere, or have you come over to my house to drop stuff off and have a nice cold glass of coke.. or water, depending on if we’ve gone shopping this week.

So….. this is the way the garage sale will happen… I’ll organize tables with stuff on them (the stuff you’ve donated! and stuff from my closet and garage), under them, behind them, beside them, and have a DONATION STATION! The price for that tv that will be on that table could be the same price as that plastic ring in that little box on that other table. I really want the community to feel like they’re doing something to help fight trafficking, so that’s what the donation is all about. Andd…. I’ve been told that people are usually pretty generous when it comes to donations. (: So, that is what the plan is now. More info to come when I get it together. If you have any suggestions or donations, email me!

AND, I will probably have out Rapha House material on the donation station table, along with a video playing on a loop. The video may be inside the house. Maybe. Probably not. But maybe. I’ll have to ask mom. It is her house. (: But, AC on a hot day? C’mon. That’s gotta bring garage-salers!


I like your words.

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