I’m Kind of a Dork

Yesterday at my the 21st Annual Neighborhood Memorial Day Block Party (this year, no redneck lawnmower races), I got the privilege to share with a few folks the greatness of Rapha House. And as I was telling them about it, I found that I was sort of giddy on the inside. I was so excited to be sharing about Rapha, I had to pause a couple times to remind myself not to be overbearing in how I was presenting it and to slow down my words so they didn’t all just tumble out all mismatched. And I realized how much I love Rapha and how much I love that I’m going to be in Cambodia in 2 months. I’m freaking stoked.


I have the biggest smile on my face right now.


Also, another $50 came in yesterday from my aunt and uncle. (: I love them.


I like your words.

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