It’s about that time.

Not time to leave. No, not yet that time. But it is  about the time when I’m starting to get nervous and excited and anxious to get over to Cambodia. I’m nervous about getting the money, though I know that the Lord is going to provide. I know that God wants me to get over there this August, so I don’t know why I’m nervous/worried. I just am. And that’s not really trusting of me, is it? I should just relax and let God handle it.

But that’s what I’m worried and nervous about. The money.

And being the camp missionary for four weeks of camp.

Yes! Out of my five weeks of camp this summer, four of them have me as the camp missionary. And it is completely wrecking my nerves.

Please keep these things in mind as you pray, if you pray. For my heart to be still and to find rest, and that I may put my insecurities aside as I push through the next few months and make my way to Cambodia.


I like your words.

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