Praise the Lord. (:

As it turns out, insurance covers ALL of my required shots/medications for Cambodia. (: That means that there is about $500 LESS that I need to be worrying about getting. HALLELUJAH! (: You all would not believe how relieved I am about that!

With that said, I think I have roughly $1,300 left to raise for the base $3,000 cost. Which is great! I’m not even worried about it! I know that the Lord will provide, as He’s been proving that time and time again these past few weeks. (: Thankfully, I am also going to be the missionary at 5 weeks of camps this summer. That is really wonderful because I will be able to help inform middle schoolers (and one high school group) about Cambodia, the sexual slave trade, and what our team will be doing while we’re over there — AND they’ll get to be a part of it by helping send me over there.

I am so blessed. (:

I have an appointment today at 2:30pm at the health department for one shot and two prescriptions for pills to be written up. I’m a happy clam. Hopefully the shot won’t zonk me out or anything. It’s also a recommended shot! I’ve also got an appointment lined up at my doctor’s office to get the other shots that I’ll be needing — they carry all the ones that I need!

Oh goodness. Friends, family, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, 2nd cousins three times removed…. Thanks so much for all your support. (: I love you all, each one of you, and couldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for all of your prayers and support. (: Please keep praying for me and my team as we get closer to our departure date!



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