Folks! Tonight, within a 30 minute time span, the grand total of $76 was donated to my Cambodia fund, being brought together by three different families. God surely does answer prayers. (: I’ll be putting that $76 with my other $45 for shots/medications, so that is pretty exciting! It’s wonderful how God keeps showing me that He really does want me in Cambodia in August. (: I’m so excited! I still need maybe $150(or so) more for shots and medications (I’ll put up a list of shots I’ll need at the bottom of this post so you all can see why medications are so expensive!).

As for the total that Garrett is keeping track of, I’m still around $1,250, I think. Which means, I still need a lot of help in that department. If you’d like to help with this part of my Cambodia fund, please head on over to the ‘donate’ page to find out how you can do that!

If you’d like to help out with my medications part of the trip, a cash or check written to me would be the best way for me to get that money and get to use it. It’s a whole lot of hassle to go through Rapha to get some money out of my donation account, just because of all the formalities that they have to go through as an organization.

here’s a list of required medications I’ll need:

Tetanus Booster — $85
2nd MMR ———– $110
Hep A —————- $105 (This is a 2 series shot. Now and 6 months later. You are good for life.)  (Everyone should have Hep B from Elementary or Middle School vaccinations within the US.)
Polio —————– $65
Typhoid ————- $85
Malaria—————$12/pill. This one, I think, might actually just be recommended. I’ll check on that.

recommended are the following:

Japanese Encephalitis — $280 (very new, that is what price is high.)
Yellow Fever ————— $125 (good for 10 years.)


I like your words.

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