So I have not posted in quite some time… here’s a quick update of things going on:


1. I’m still lacking money for the trip. Reformatting letters and sending them out to pretty much everyone I can think of. I’m tired of trying to not step on toes. This trip is important, and I’m okay if I offend anyone by sending out a bajillion letters.

2. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting at the international travel clinic in Orlando. A quick meeting and consultation about what shots and pills will be needed in Cambodia. I’m to bring this information back to the group and tell them what’s best, what’s expensive, and what is or is not necessary.

3. I’m in the process of fixing a budget so that I can weekly, or every other week, add some money into the Cambodia fund.

4. I’m getting excited. Like, really, really excited.


More news later. I’ll need to gather some thoughts.


One thought on “Yikes

I like your words.

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