To make things clear…

It’s come to my attention that I might not have been as clear about the Cambodia trip as I should have been. The trip to Cambodia is primarily a research and informational trip. The team is going over there to gather information about Cambodian culture, people, history, etc. The idea is to come back to the school and IJM/Rapha House Campus Chapter with a deeper understanding of the oppression and depravity that has such a grip on Cambodia. Coming back with this information, we’re going to actually do something about it. We’re going to put our knowledge into action, and pick up where the last team left off. While in Cambodia, yes… we will be hanging out with the girls a the Rapha House, but we will also be touring a few different non-profit fair-trade companies, organizations, and factories and learning how they do things, how they got started, what type of difference they’re making… etc. Stuff like that. Our goal is to work towards the education of the people around us and to work towards saving some lives. To save lives and to educate, we must first educate ourselves.


That is what this trip is about. Not only to love the girls that are being cared for by the workers at the Rapha House, but to learn about what put them there to begin with, and how we can stop it.





I like your words.

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