To hold everyone over…

Because I’m so horrible with blogging… here’s the latest figure for Cambodia.


After I pay for my passport and stuff like that and then turn in my money to Garrett, I’ll have about a total of $250. That’s only half of what the deposit was supposed to be for December.


I’m in the process of trying to figure out some big ticket fundraising things. I’m currently trying to think of a good place to hold a garage sale/bake sale thing. My house in Oviedo is pretty prime location, but maybe I could do two different weekends of garage sale/bake sale? One in Oviedo, one in Kissimmee?


Let me know if you have anything you wouldn’t mind donating to the garage sale. The plan is to not put a price sticker on anything and ask for donations for things.


Also, if any of you have any ideas or anything to help out with fundraising, shoot me an email or drop a comment below. I’d love some ideas.




I like your words.

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