Information about the Country

Hey all! I don’t really have any information about the trip other than what’s already been posted, but I did browse the ‘net a little bit and found Cambodia’s bio on This website is helpful and just lays out all the information for you. Here’s the link: Link!

So, there you go. Here are a few things that stuck out to me the most from reading this article…

  • ECPAT Cambodia estimates that as many as one third of trafficking victims in prostitution are children.
  • 76 percent of trafficked persons returned from Thailand had come from families who owned land
  • 93 percent owned their own house and had no debt on the land or house
  • 47 percent stated that their mother was the facilitator of their trafficking
    (This one just sickens me.)
  • The International Labour Organization argues that the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime is still felt both psychologically and economically and plays a direct role in labor and sexual exploitation arising from ill-prepared migration.
    (We will be visiting places where the Khmer Rouge was most active and murder most of their victims [S21, the Killing Fields, etc.] to learn more about their role in the poverty and depravity of the country.)
  • With well over half the population below the age of 20, Cambodia faces a growing problem of providing decent work for its young population, further increasing the drive toward cross-border migration for employment, and perpetuating the cycle of vulnerability to human trafficking.
    (With this being the case, I’m curious to find out and brainstorm ways in which we as a people and as the Church can help get these folks back on their feet.)
  • The section on Prosecution near the bottom of the page talks about how the Cambodian government is trying and has convicted corrupt officials. The Cambodian government has also deported American citizens to the US for being caught in criminal acts involving child prostitution. Knowing that the government is starting to shape up is comforting, and I am excited to see where the government can go from here.

That’s all I have for now. From time to time I’ll post articles or link to them, and throw up some more statistics for you all to read and chew on.

I hope all is well with everyone. (:

Love in Christ,


Some Khmer Rouge soldiers.


I like your words.

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